Eligible Batteries

Determine if your battery is eligible under the program based on the following criteria.

An Eligible Battery Is:

  1. An EV battery that was originally installed to provide tractive power in a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell or battery electric vehicle.

  2. From a participating vehicle manufacturer, was installed in the vehicle at time of assembly (“new battery”) or provided by the vehicle manufacturer as a remanufactured battery to replace an EV battery within the vehicle under warranty repair.

  3. Removed from the vehicle (EV batteries in vehicles should be removed by trained individuals with appropriate tools).

  4. A battery that has not been modified, remanufactured, or repurposed by anyone other than the vehicle manufacturer and/or its official agent.

  5. Fully owned by the battery holder that is making the request for collection and where the EV battery has no pending pay out for loss of damages from an insurance provider.


This service offered by vehicle manufacturers is not an emergency response program. Should there be any EV Batteries that pose an imminent safety risk or any environmental risk, battery holders should take appropriate steps to inform the necessary authorities such as local first responders.

This service DOES NOT include the collection of entire old vehicles left to idle. It is the responsibility of the vehicle holder to properly transfer an old vehicle to an auto dismantler & recycler for processing.